“Girl Guess What? I used to be a prodigal daughter. But now, I’m living holy and being swanky–that’s me.” @Swankycyn


“Girl Guess What? I was a hot mess. I had the right intentions, but no direction. If there was a poor choice to be made, I was there. If someone wanted to offer wisdom, I ignored it. I partied enough for a lifetime, I dated the wrong guys, and I even screwed up on a couple of good guys. I was legit a prodigal daughter. I took what God blessed me with and misspent it. I remember one day praying…God I’m in too deep and I have no idea how to get out of this. This is a no good, reckless life. Not long after He answered my prayer. But it came at a price. I had to start from scratch.

And Girl Guess What? I’m still a hot mess on some days. Haha. But God restored me. I’ve grown so much as a woman. Now I feel confident in making wise choices and I live on purpose with His direction. I even have a wonderful husband to join me for the ride. I feel free to live a powerful, authentic, and blessed life. Living holy and being swanky–that’s me.”

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