What To Learn From Quarantine

Posted on August 12 2015

What To Learn From Quarantine

We are not in control – no one could have expected this Covid-19 pandemic to hit.

We all had so many things for the spring and summer planned out well in advance only for this devastating pandemic to affect us all. No one is exempt. One of the biggest takeaways I’ve learned during this time is that We. Are. Not. In. Control.  Only God is, and anything can flip upside down at the drop of a dime.

Instead of being afraid of this reminder, I am grateful. Grateful to have the ability and time to take all of these lessons in stride and comforted by the fact that I know God will never betray us or let us down. Trust Him.

So please remember:


Cherish the people in your life

Don’t take the little things for granted

Be prepared

Above all else show compassion and empathy

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